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Dear Alaskan Cannabis Industry,

You are amazing and i love you!

You have come a long way in the past few years. Five birthdays ago, retailers handwritten on blackboards what they had in stock while new growers and laboratories made up the business. Today anyone aged 21 and over can use their phone to see what cannabis products are available nearby. Alaska has undoubtedly made strides in building an industry that we can be proud of thanks to you.

Today I’m interviewing Gary Burton, the creator and owner of the American Marijuana Farmers Market, while we’re watching Northern Lights from Tundra Herb Co.

Northern Lights was the very first strain name I ever smoked when cannabis was not yet regulated. I am really excited that the Alaska Cannabis Company is growing this strain and that we can all legally enjoy it! These buds have an earthy aroma and look wonderful. A good amount of frost with great pruning on each bud. They have a soft density and remain firm when rubbed. Light grind and a nice burn that wants to burn. Expect a smooth smoke that tastes earthy with a slightly fruity, sweet undertone. This batch has a total THC of 17.00% with terpenes of 1.53%.

Three hits of this strain are my perfect moderation point for feeling calmer and having some slight pain relief without feeling stoned. That’s enough to be productive. By the end of the first bowl, I was stoned. I felt super relaxed and my breathing slowed to a snail’s pace. I enjoyed the pleasant body high and huge appetite it gave me. I like that I was able to think clearly the whole time. Thinking was slower, but it wasn’t spinning in all directions as usual. I would recommend smoking this strain if you are into your favorite hobby.

Today we have our very first guest ever! Gary Burton participates in the strain assessment and tells us all about America’s Marijuana Farmers Market (AMFM). He started a new online platform for cannabis wholesale. I ask him a few questions about AMFM and then we’ll find out what Gary is about. I personally love this concept and have to share it with all of you! It’s a one-stop-shop that is free for retailers to easily use and order all of their cannabis products, and for sellers who can sell these products at an insanely cheap price! It’s like renting a seat at a farmers market for $ 50 a month!

Do you have any questions for Gary?

As consumers, we don’t always see the effort behind the scenes. From growing, extracting, and infusing to finding retailers, managing orders, and shipping across the country. We really enjoy the fruits of your extreme labor and after personally reviewing over 225 strains grown in Alaska I want to say thank you !!! I wish I could express my gratitude beyond words and videos showcasing your products. I want to initiate you on something that can make your life a little easier when it comes to finding a cannabis wholesale store.

I recently came across a new cannabis company in Alaska called America’s Marijuana Farmers Market, or A-MFM for short. Founded by Gary Burton, he created a website to simplify the wholesale process for the cannabis industry at an affordable price.

Yes you can use LeafLink and they are a great established service. But you will be spending a lot more money per month than you need to. A-MFM offers similar services at a fraction of the price! $ 50 per month instead of $ 300 !!! Plus, retailers join for free!

In addition to saving you money for your business, it is an easier way to wholesale cannabis products. Instead of calling the state and searching, retailers can use the online service to request orders from vendors. Sellers have a great deal of discretion as to who to sell to, and every account on their website is an active licensed cannabis business in good standing.

Alaskans support Alaska right? A-MFM is owned by Alaska and intends to remain in our state. They plan to use their profits to return to our community by supporting cannabis education, nonprofits, and the growth of our state. As an Alaskan, I prefer the money our cannabis industry spends going to the betterment of our state rather than a few Silicon Valley millionaires.

I have to warn you not to expect hundreds to thousands of retailers and sellers on the A-MFM website still. It recently went live this summer. What will make it work is more cannabis companies signing up. Mostly owned by Alaska! With the support of that state’s cannabis industry, A-MFM becomes a leading competitor in the online cannabis wholesale market.

At this point I suspect you have a few questions about A-MFM and the owners of your own. I video interviewed Gary Burton on my Toke Talk Alaska show so you can see for yourself what his business is about and get a feel for the kind of person he is. Here are a few questions I asked and some of the highlighted answers:

“It’s a wholesale sourcing platform for businesses. Here the growers sell a product to the manufacturers and pharmacies. This is how pharmacies get it to their customers. So we made this process easier for you. “

The product you cover is just cannabis?

“Right now we’re only working with cannabis. But in the next few weeks we will have CBD and we will also be introducing everything else cannabis is: pipes, rolling papers, trays, nutrients, lights, pots, hydroponic tools. That’s all of the cannabis industry, but we often forget that and just think of THC, the fun part! When you go to the liquor store, think about the bottle and the process that goes into it. It’s similar with cannabis. We like to consume it but don’t think about the things that are used in making it. Well, we (A-MFM) didn’t do it. “

Why did you set up A-MFM?

“I worked in a pharmacy and started as a budget tender to get to know the business when COVID happened! I had worked in a completely different field that wasn’t related to cannabis and my shop closed because we weren’t an essential business, I needed a living. I worked for the pharmacy and got promoted to management. While talking to the owners, I began to find out how stressful it is to run a pharmacy. There are nearly 250 cultivations in Alaska. Could you imagine checking 250 emails? Because they send you one at least every week to let you know about their products. So if you want to order, this email is 2 days old, is it still available? Saw this in the pharmacy and thought there must be an easier way. So I went and built one. “

What are the benefits of using A-MFM with large competitors like LeafLink?

“My mindset is that Alaskans understand Alaskans, and if you’re not up here, you don’t know how we do it… T. We have Wall Street functionality at Main Street prices. We give you everything that everyone else wants to offer you except that we have at least 82% off. $ 49.99 is our price per month per provider. Free for retailers … Our next cheapest competitor is $ 300. ”

How long have you been running?

“Our start date was officially June 29th. The development of the platform started last October. “

As an Alaska-owned company providing services to other states, will you keep your business here?

“Absolutely! I’m here for a reason, I like Alaska. I cut wood for the winter, I’m an outdoor guy, that’s the kind of thing I like to do. Yeah, I’ll still be up here, the business will still be up here. “

If you manage to become a big company, what will your company do?

“I think the goal is always to be successful and become a big company. But the real goal is to raise awareness as we grow and invest in communities. The community gives us, they follow us, they do the things they do, and they make us successful. We’re only here because of them. We work hard, sure, but it doesn’t matter if you are not accepted. We are grateful to be accepted and we want to give that back … There are many community-related things I would like to sponsor for children to promote Earth Day and a sense of togetherness in the community. “

So you’re talking about losing money on nonprofits, community events, and other similar things?

“Including marijuana research and cannabinoid research. How it can help us and take that to the next step. I want to turn all of this around and give it back. My goal was never to get famous or get rich. I’m trying to prove that with the $ 49.99 price tag … The goal is to use a large part of the profits to help small businesses with grants. Even sponsor the platform to help build business. “

What can the retailer expect from the website?

“A longer shopping cart savings … We’ll be bringing in all of the above wholesalers so you can buy things like printer paper, printer ink, tubes that hold the weed in, and so on. We want everything in one place. “

What can providers expect from your website?

“We have lowered our price, we don’t need contracts. For our suppliers, everything revolves around success. We give them the opportunity to advertise themselves on our platform, such as advertising space or feature things. It’s built in so they can track their orders. You can see what their best selling item is, who their best customer is. Whenever there is a state legalization we are set up to tell you which state will buy the most of your product. Some of the other things we did are go through and give you more than one way to sell your item. I took the regular retail purchase idea of ​​buying the item immediately and combined it with an auction system. So dealers submit an offer (bid) and the seller then has the choice between two things: either let the auction run for the duration of the auction or accept the bid immediately. You also have the option to block retailers. So in the case of Alaska, when you don’t want to bother with a specific location that might only be accessible by air. Perhaps you are small and have no way of bringing the product to places that are difficult to access. “

Gary was fun interviewing and hopefully I’ve asked any pertinent questions you might have. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact him! He’s a really great person and very easy to talk to.

You know, I love Alaska and you, our cannabis industry, very much. I want to see you create something glorious that will build our great state. We have so many family run businesses and pharmacies leading the way, it is time to free up their efforts and wallets. Try A-MFM and let it grow to serve you best.

If something comes up in our industry from which you could benefit, I will always let you know!