Company leaders set up National Hispanic Cannabis Council


The National Hispanic Cannabis Council was launched on Thursday to empower the Hispanic community in the United States. The nonprofit will focus on raising awareness of health, economic, and legal issues related to cannabis and promoting participation and leadership in the industry.

The organization notes that Hispanics are currently underrepresented in the US legal cannabis industry.

Brian Vicente, founding member of the NHCC and partner of the cannabis law firm Vicente Sederberg LLP, said, “The US cannabis ban was largely created out of prejudice against Mexican immigrants and has since disproportionately affected the Hispanic community.”

“The NHCC will work to repair the damage caused by old prohibition policies and ensure that the Hispanic community benefits from the new legal systems that are available online to replace them. We are excited to found this organization at a time of unprecedented economic opportunity in the burgeoning legal cannabis industry. “- Vicente in a press release

The NHCC was founded by industry leaders from a variety of companies including Can It Industries, LLC; Cresco Labs; Folsom and Forge; Moxie; Trulieve; and Vicente Sederberg LLP. It is headed by Executive Director Antonio Valdez and led by a national administrative board. Valdez is a consumer marketing professional with over 20 years experience marketing to the Hispanic community. He was a founding member of the founding of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, the country’s first Hispanic trade association for the real estate industry.

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