DEA supports plan to facilitate cannabis and psychedelics research (Newsletter: December 7, 2021)


OH GOP Legalization Act; IN Medical Marijuana Legislation Planned; MO cannabis initiatives were flawed, says a former prisoner

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the Drug Enforcement Administration and National Institute on Drug Abuse support a White House plan to facilitate research into marijuana, psychedelics, and other List I drugs.

A two Republican lawmakers in Ohio officially filed a law to legalize marijuana. The move comes as activists near the completion of the first phase of their signature collection for an initiative to legalize cannabis.

A Republican Representative from Indiana said he plans to submit a medical cannabis bill at the new session. Democrats, meanwhile, are pushing for recreational marijuana to be legalized in 2022.

Former Missouri Marijuana Prisoner Jeff Mizanskey– whose verdict was overturned by a governor – says in a recent comment that proposed cannabis election initiatives have “significant flaws” and that lawmakers should instead pass a legalization plan emphasizing “freedom and liberty”.


the of the US Department of Agriculture The National Agricultural Statistics Service tweeted a reminder that responses to a state hemp survey are due Friday.

Senate Agriculture, Food and Forestry Committee Democrats tweeted about improving hemp crop insurance, saying, “As the hemp industry grows, it is important that we provide producers with flexible and effective risk management tools that are adequate crop insurance. This news is great for our hemp producers and the economy. “

Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC) spoke about the low tax rate in their marijuana legalization law.

Representative Dave Joyce (R-OH) tweeted: “#HOPEAct and #SAFEBanking are taking achievable, non-partisan steps toward cannabis reform that are vital to the lives of millions of Americans. With these bills, Congress can launch #PassProgress and the long overdue process to end the federal cannabis ban. #HOPEforSICHER. “He too tweeted a meme calling for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to call a vote on the Marijuana Banking Act.

Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) tweeted, “Our brave veterans deserve access to life-saving treatments for PTSD and chronic diseases – period. I work with my Cannabis Caucus co-chairs to ensure that medical cannabis is available to our vets. It is long overdue. “

Representative Marie Newman (D-IL) tweeted: “The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries and its workers should have access to a strong union. I will always stand by the side of the workers and the middle class in the fight for fair wages, strong social benefits and safe working conditions. “

Representative Cori-Busch (D-MO) tweeted: “The drug war has proven that criminalizing drug use only makes the crisis worse. @POTUS ‘suggestion to permanently classify fentanyl analogs as List I drugs is literally fatal. Our approach must be anchored in public health and save lives. “

Rep Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) tweeted: “The ‘war on drugs’ has only devastated communities across the country. I tabled a bill with @RepCori to treat substance use as the public health problem that it really is. “


Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Cranley, currently Mayor of Cincinnati, tweeted, “For decades we mostly detained black and brown men for possessing a drug we knew was less harmful than alcohol. It’s time we changed that. Let’s #LegalizeIt and put that income straight back into our communities. “

Pennsylvania Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro, currently attorney general, tweeted, “Do you want marijuana legalization, affordable health care, and an increase in the minimum wage? I also. There’s a way to get it done in Pennsylvania on Election Day. “

Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried, currently Agriculture Commissioner, tweeted: “Florider stick together. In 2022, we’ll stand together to expand Medicaid so people can get the care they need, legalize marijuana with restorative justice, protect our environment, and more. ”

Maryland Legislators declined to vote on Governor Lary Hogan’s (R) veto of a bill to decriminalize drug paraphernalia.

A New Mexico Senator spoke during a convention Hear about how the state is diversifying its revenue by legalizing marijuana away from reliance on the oil and gas industry.

the Colorado The appeals court ruled that drug dog warnings were no longer a likely cause for searches.

the Vermont The Ministry of Health said it had no relevant record of police allegations about fentanyl-infused marijuana.

the Michigan The Poison and Drug Information Center has sent a public health alert about reports of fentanyl-infused marijuana.

Connecticut Regulators released a “final draft” of the social justice criteria for marijuana and related staff development to plan Criteria.

the new York The State Fair will have designated smoking areas at its 2022 event due to complaints about marijuana smoking this year.

Montana Regulators warned of a scam targeting marijuana companies.

Massachusetts Regulators accept applications for hemp licenses.

Kansas Regulators published hemp rules.

Oklahoma Regulators proposed rules for the sale of cannabis seeds, as well as for the testing and processing of hemp.

New Jersey Regulators released a report on the methods used to identify economically deprived areas in order to issue priority marijuana business licenses.

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the New York City The Ministry of Health has published a flyer on protecting children from marijuana edibles.

Pennington County, South Dakota The prosecutor spoke about marijuana enforcement policy.

Wellington, Colorado Voters approved a vote to lift the ban on marijuana dispensaries by one vote.

Denver, Colorado Officials sent a bulletin about moving marijuana licensing to an online system.


the Mexican The Senate Political Coordinating Committee agreed to move forward on a law to legalize marijuana and other laws.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada The health department has voted to come up with a proposal to decriminalize drugs.

the United Kingdom The House of Commons spokesman said he could ask police to move drug sniffing dogs into legislative buildings after traces of cocaine were discovered in sensitive areas.

Costa Rica The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court informed the legislature that a law on medical cannabis and hemp does not pose any constitutional problems.

Australia The Therapeutic Goods Administration is considering shifting psilocybin and MDMA.

the Kenyan The government is asking a court to dismiss a case in which Rastafarians are trying to overturn marijuana criminalization on grounds of religious discrimination.


A review concluded that “although THC and THC / CBD interventions have a significant” Improvement in pain intensity and were more likely to reduce pain by 30%, the evidence was medium to low quality. “


the Republican National Committee tweeted, “The owner of a cannabis dispensary in Oakland, California says,” I was safer selling weed on the streets of Oakland than selling it legally, “in the Democrat-run town. That’s a problem.'”

A survey by executives on Capitol Hill found that 5 percent believe marijuana legalization will be a major focus of Congress in 2022.

Funding for drug policy reform Phil Harvey deceased.

the Marijuana Policy Project hired a Southeastern legislative manager.

the Editor of the Anchorage Daily News said Alaska’s marijuana legalization law was mostly working fine, but lawmakers should make some tweaks in 2022.

the Baltimore Sun editorial team urged Maryland lawmakers to lift Governor Larry Hogan’s (R) veto on a bill to decriminalize drug paraphernalia.


Avicanna Inc. filed a U.S. provisional patent application for oral cannabinoid technology.

Illinois Retailers sold more than $ 120 million in adult marijuana products in November.

Missouri Pharmacies sold nearly $ 26 million worth of medical cannabis products in November.


the National Basketball Coalition for Social Justice tweeted: “The #EQUALAct is a long overdue settlement of the crack powder cocaine that was created at the height of the war on drugs without a scientific basis.”

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