Defendant allegedly robbed cannabis shops with a BB gun


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The man initially ran off with an unknown amount of cash and cannabis before the police caught up with him.

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Angela Stelmakowich

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June 24, 202146 minutes agoRead for 2 minutes Join the conversation No injuries were reported.  / No injuries were reported. / Photo by Andrii Zorii / Getty Images

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In the tweet, HPD reported that the armed robbery was carried out “with an apparent firearm”.

But the Boston Globe reports that the weapon of choice was a BB pistol, and the theft appears to be the first such incident since legal cannabis dispensaries opened their doors in Massachusetts several years ago.

CNA Stores CEO Rob DiFazio credited police with getting to the pharmacy in minutes and the store’s security measures ensured no employees were injured, according to the Boston Globe. Everything was covered by surveillance cameras, DiFazio reported in a statement.

Although the store closed after the incident, it was due to reopen today.

Security InfoWatch reports that Massachusetts regulations require all entrances to be secured, there are limited access areas, cannabis products must be kept in a secure vault, and doors must be locked with video storage devices.

In addition, business owners must have a third party security audit every year, and stores “must have an adequate security system in place to prevent and detect diversion, theft or loss of marijuana or unauthorized entry,” the information said.

Thefts in cannabis pharmacies are certainly not new. Sometimes they happen when the store is open, but most of the time they happen outside of business hours.

The weapons used varied widely, from firearms to machetes, bear spray, and even vehicles on several occasions.

Some may consider BB guns to be toys, but law firm Reiff warns that injuries from BB and pellet guns can be fatal. “BB guns, which are intended for young people to play, cause numerous gunshot and personal injuries every year,” reports the law firm. “In extreme cases, BB and pellet guns can even kill.”

Less vulnerable, however, was the starter pistol, which resembled a .38 caliber revolver used in a robbery at a Toronto cannabis dispensary a few years ago. Two men from Toronto were eventually charged, Global News reported at the time.

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