Excessive expansion of the retail cannabis regulation could harm Napa’s existing pharmacies, company local news says


Harvest’s White, like Abides Malan and Natali, supports the movement to facilitate the sale of recreational uses in Napa. (The city council has announced that it will deal directly with summer recreational use, Malan said.) As for White, the problem associated with that is zoning: the crop will stay where it is, tucked away in an industrial area, too if this happens suddenly Pharmacies are allowed to operate front and center in downtown areas designated for retail or mixed use. This would undoubtedly create additional competition for the existing five pharmacies, none of which are in the city center.

“It is absolutely harmful and, as a result, unfair to open up the whole city so (new pharmacies) can do everything (we) do and in a better place,” White said. “Existing companies are in the position they are in because they followed the rules made available to them at that point in time.”

Harvest only picked its Second Street location because it “opened at a time when locations were difficult to find,” and “it is not necessarily the ideal location for recreational customers,” White said.

“(As a company) you don’t have a provision in your lease that says, ‘If the law changes, we can move,’ he said that is being pushed out of some of the major trade corridors says we can amortize ourselves in the event we have to move. “