Flavor Fix: Covering the intersection of cannabis and spirits


Flavor Fix is ​​a unique publishing platform that educates consumers on how to combine cannabis and spirits while responsibly blending. The platform can be an essential marketing component for brands looking to gain momentum in this area. The company was founded by advertising professionals who previously worked in the alcohol and spirits sectors and have experienced a cross-over in advertising challenges between the alcohol and cannabis industries.

According to founder Lavall Chichester, Flavor Fix has a mission of balance and its platform can be used as a promotional tool in both industries. Lavall is an SEO professional named in Ad Age’s 40 Under 40 who honors those who shape the world of media, marketing, and advertising. The company’s founder brings these skills to the strategy and execution of Flavor Fix and works to influence how the world views the concept of cross fade.

Before founding Flavor Fix, Lavall worked on advertising campaigns for the Rémy Martin and Diageo brands. In his days as a marketing mind, he dealt with ADA compliance and other challenges while following the rules of Google and Facebook – both major hurdles for cannabis companies. The regulatory complications caused the team to campaign on publishing pages to promote and build valuable organic SEO.

While running these alcohol campaigns, Lavall was asked to spend $ 50,000 promoting a CBD product on Google and Facebook. However, he quickly realized that this was an almost impossible feat. He had the same problems as many cannabis companies as ads were flagged for “violating the Terms of Use” and removed. He reached out to B2C cannabis publishing houses and noted a shortcoming when it came to focusing on the experience of responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages alongside regulated cannabis products.

Ultimately, Flavor Fix was designed to add value to an audience using cannabis and spirits while also teaching others how to enjoy this combination without experiencing the hugely negative definition of Cross Faded.

“CBD, cannabis and alcohol brands have a very difficult time promoting online. We designed Flavor Fix as a goal to educate that audience and connect them to brands in the room so customers can more easily find your brand and fall in love with it, ”said Lavall Chichester. “This is especially true for cannabis infused beverages as Flavor Fix will be one of the main ways people who like alcohol are introduced to the gorgeous infused brands that are being made. In addition, we have made it our business to teach people how to use alcohol and spirits responsibly. “

Cross Fade Responsibly is a Flavor Fix slogan that emphasizes balance, looks for quality products, and approaches the experience with respect. This brand mission can be seen in AVO, letters from the brand name itself. The A stands for a little more, the V for a little less and the O for neutral. The website combines premium cannabis strains with cocktails and other drinks for adults, and accompanies the pairings with music recommendations and suggestions for other experiences that suit the mood. They strongly believe that a dissolve shouldn’t make a person pass out, cause a power outage, or get the spins. Instead, a dissolve should be a convenient way to relax after a long week or enjoy a family vacation.

The Flavor Fix publishing platform provides readers with the tools to have fun and have unique experiences without drinking or smoking too much. This is a crucial educational component of the brand philosophy. The other branch of Flavor Fix specializes in running multi-dimensional marketing campaigns that enable a company to achieve its brand awareness goals while adhering to guidelines.

“One of the only ways to reach this audience is either through social media influencers or through hardcore, organic SEO based on great content,” said Lavall.

The Flavor Fix website is optimized for search engines and offers pairings of varieties and recipes with pharmacy and distillery directories. The publishing site works with their vetted influencer network and branded luxury goods to deliver bespoke marketing programs tailored to the specific needs of their customers.

Those looking to reach the Flavor Fix audience can purchase packages on the website, including content marketing or e-blasts. Or customers can choose to be part of a campaign that the team of experts creates for them. Lavall’s extensive background in SEO adds value to these campaigns as he always looks at clients’ websites and helps improve their overall rank and helps them dominate their own geographic locations as “near me” after local Pharmacies, distilleries and companies wanted has increased by more than 300% since 2020. He guides those who need extra help with their website to his growth marketing company and helps optimize their website at a reasonable price to ensure they get the most out of their Flavor Fix purchase.

“We wanted to not just create a publishing site, we wanted to add value to our customers in a variety of ways,” said Lavall. “Then when we do campaigns for brands, we can make custom trays and custom wooden items for competitions and giveaways.”

Custom ad purchases with Flavor Fix may involve social media promotions with influencers who have a proven follower base and are interested in the intersection of cannabis and spirits. You are currently working with around 75 influencers in space. They also offer high quality wood products in small quantities made from fine Canadian maple. These luxury stash boxes, flight paddles, cutting boards, and rolling trays can be branded and offered as promotional gifts for brand awareness. Optimized for publishing high quality content, the platform is valued influencers with proven results, and products that fit seamlessly into your home, they offer campaigning opportunities that meet the goals of cannabis and liquor brands.

In the future, Flavor Fix will continue to publish optimized content and expand the platform. Your step-by-step approach will eventually include brewery and winery directories in addition to pharmacies and distilleries. They also plan to test alcohol subscriptions, create “Cocktails & Cannabis” shirts, and write a recipe book. The company is also considering an app that would allow users to enter a variety name and instantly receive cocktail pairings to complement the flavor and effect. As they grow, they hope to be a starting point for people looking to try adult infused beverages when these novel products hit the market. The team is curious to see what interest is out there and would like to start fundraising as they grow alongside this thriving confluence of responsible cannabis and alcohol use.

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