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Suzanne Marino for the press

Sacha Baron Cohen has filed a lawsuit against a cannabis dispensary after using his character “Borat” on a billboard.

LINWOOD – The city council passed an ordinance on July 14th that, if passed after a public hearing on August 11th, would ban retail sales of all cannabis products within city limits.

The ordinance would also ban marijuana use anywhere in the city except for a person’s private homes. The move to ban cannabis-related businesses was taken to shorten the state-imposed August 21 deadline for communities to comment on cannabis sales in their city after the state legalized its use in February.

Last November, 67% of Linwood residents voted to allow recreational marijuana use, a fact confirmed by Councilor Matt Levinson.

“But they didn’t approve the sale in their own garden,” he said.

A committee of city council members – June Byrnes, Levinson and Todd Michael – met with residents in a town hall to discuss the state’s cannabis business plan on June 29.

Four residents spoke out in favor of allowing retail sales of cannabis in Linwood, and one resident suggested that the city ban sales.

This isn’t just about the sale of cannabis products, but the 2% tax the city could impose on all retail sales.

Jill Ojserkis, who advocated allowing sales in town, said, “Many of us will never agree that adult marijuana should have been allowed. However, we all agree that it is good to use legal means to lower the taxes we pay.