Medical cannabis flower successfully exported to Germany – The Gisborne Herald


Posted on March 18, 2021 at 2:44 pm

Rua Bioscience has successfully exported a sample of a medicinal cannabis flower grown in Ruatorea to Germany.

The sample of dried flowers is similar to the product that Rua intends to export in commercial quantities under its sales contract with German distributor Nimbus Health by the end of this year.

Although the company weighs only 70 grams, it was able to test its packaging and export processes.

Dr. Jessika Nowak, Rua Chief Research Officer, says this is the first time cannabis flowers have been exported in any quantity from New Zealand to Germany and that this provides valuable early learning opportunities for all involved.

“This sample export was specially designed as a practice run. Despite the size of the sample, we had to navigate the same complex web of export license agreements, customs regulations, temperature-controlled logistics and shipping deadlines that we will have if we are able to export commercially, ”said Dr. Nowak.

Upon receipt at Nimbus Health, the data from the temperature logger in the packaging was evaluated to determine whether the packaging was working as expected in order to keep the plant material at the required temperatures throughout the shipment.

The plant material was then forwarded to a commercial laboratory in Germany for analytical testing.

“We were delighted to have this sample at our facility near Frankfurt and look forward to seeing commercial quantities for German patients when they are ready,” said Linus Weber, CEO of Nimbus Health.

Mr Weber said Nimbus had expanded its range of medicinal cannabis to meet growing German patient demand for products.

The Rua Bioscience product is expected to be seen as a premium option in the German market.

“Importing cannabis medicines from New Zealand offers doctors a whole new level of therapeutic options in treating critically ill patients,” said Weber.

Rob Mitchell, CEO of Rua Bioscience, said this is a small but important step for Rua to learn and understand the export process end-to-end.

“Rua has a clear export strategy and our first focus is on the German market. This export of dried medicinal cannabis flower samples to Germany gives us growing confidence that we are on the right track to export our commercial flower to Germany by the end of this year, ”said Mitchell.

PACKAGED: This is the packaging of Rua Bioscience’s medicinal cannabis flower, which was successfully exported to Germany. Picture supplied