Nature Med medical cannabis dispensary opens in Gladstone


GLADSTONE, MO. – According to the Missouri Department of Health, there are 194 licenses for medical cannabis dispensaries in the state.

More and more pharmacies are popping up in the Kansas City area, and now Gladstone has one.

The Nature Med pharmacy has a range of products, including THC-infused soda.

“We really take pride in the customer experience and make sure they feel heard and walk with the drug they came for,” said Mario Gadea, Director of Operations. “Love and compassion are really two big things for us here.”

Nature Med plans to open four more pharmacies in Missouri. Two will be in the Kansas City area.

The staff celebrate the opening, but they also gather for an employee who recently discovered he has a brain tumor behind the eye.

Cannabis is legal in Missouri for medical purposes only. Several groups are pushing for recreational use, and at least one bill is passed by the state parliament.