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The cannabis industry in Munising continues to grow


MUNISING, Michigan (WLUC) – Munising’s cannabis industry is growing rapidly.

In May, Higher Love opened its Munising location. It is the retailer’s third store, along with Crystal Falls and Marquette.

President Joni Moore says business has been great this summer.

“Because it’s such a busy area, we’re doing everything we can to prepare for a large number of customers and to help as many people as possible flock through the store on their way on vacation,” said Moore.

While the local community has been supportive, Moore says that Higher Love is especially popular with tourists.

“Cannabis is good for natural environments and natural activities like hiking, kayaking, sitting around the campfire, and visiting friends,” she said. “I think that’s why people are naturally drawn to it.”

The fire station, which has four locations across the UP, will open a Munising store this year on the site of the former Frozen Flamingo. However, construction delays have postponed the opening date to late autumn.

On Wednesday, the owners of the fire station asked the Munising City Planning Commission for permission to sell cannabis products from a trailer until the building is ready. The Commission rejected your request.

Some commissioners say the fire station’s temporary sell-out of a trailer could set an unwelcome precedent. Others say it is unfair to other new companies.

A Commissioner gave her personal views after the meeting.

“Other companies have not had the problems in their timeline that they did in this place,” said Commissioner Wendy Irish. “If we approved that, it felt like we weren’t fair to the people who left before because they took risks and lived with the risks.”

Another cannabis business is being set up in Munising. It will be located in the former Shooters Firehouse Brewpub. The owners want to cultivate, process and sell the property. Read more about this business here.

Lume plans to open a pharmacy just outside Munising. The management is currently hiring. You can find application information here.

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