8 eco-friendly cannabis brands in support of earth day


Not many cannabis growers would proactively produce a consumer-centric sustainability report that captures all of the water, carbon, waste and energy sources consumed and produced on their farm. However, this is an indication of Aster Farms’ commitment to the community. Founded in 2018, the Lake County cannabis company was born from three generations of weed knowledge with a commitment to intentionality, transparency, and organic practices.

That shaken eighth of Sour Maui or Day to Night Pre-Roll Pack that you pick up or have delivered is grown in the sun by Aster Farms using responsible farming techniques, native soil, and organic inputs, so nature essentially does the job . Growing with living soil means that after harvesting, farmers don’t throw away depleted dirt, but instead use regenerative crops like sunflowers, peas and rye to reintroduce nutrients and use the soil over and over again.