A new filing of a revised federal cannabis reform law is on the way to the house


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May 22, 2021 5 min read

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Will the House approve this revised cannabis reform bill?

A key and important chairman has set himself the goal of reintroducing a federal government bill to legalize marijuana. Along with this bill, measures will be taken to promote social justice. This re-introduced legislation could come in the house as soon as next week. Also, its language will have at least two important changes from the previous version of the invoice. The news comes as lawyers eagerly await the submission of a separate cannabis reform law. The Senate leaders are currently planning this bill.

House Justice Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler has spoken out in support of the MORE law. The Marihuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement Act was passed in the Chamber. That approval was a historic time in the house, even though it sucked in the Senate. According to a stakeholder email thread, it is slated to be reworded next week with some new terms.

Various references familiar with the strategy give some insight into the matter. They also said their understanding is that Nadler plans to put the revised legislation in place before the recess on Congress Memorial Day. However, a spokesman in the Chairman’s office was unable to verify details at press time.

This new reform bill will not include any language added just before last year’s vote. That would have deterred people with previous cannabis charges from obtaining government cannabis permits. What you would need to run a legal marijuana business

That was a controversial provision that surfaced at the last minute that proponents were strongly opposed to.

The process of cannabis reform in the United States

Additionally, the final version of the MORE Act included the letter to help economically disadvantaged people enter the legal marijuana market. This specific language is being revised to reach the Small Business Administration (SBA) help. For example, things like loans, financial literacy programs, and professional training. This would be done to help people injured by the war on drugs. Overall, this would allow these people to find good jobs in any industry alongside marijuana.

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What will happen next for federal cannabis reform?

While proponents are approved by the amendments, there are other parts that they hope will improve as the proposal goes through the legislative process. For example, they also made an issue with requirements that were added to the MORE law before last year’s vote. Which would have indicated that cannabis can still be included in drug testing programs. Especially with regards to those who are federal employees.

An online cannabis media company confirmed that Nadler will currently re-submit the bill in the coming week. However, the plan to reintroduce the bill has already been pushed back. This means that there is a chance it will be delayed again.

It’s been 8 weeks since Nadler first announced his plan to reinstate the MORE Act. If passed, it would move marijuana retrospectively to the federal level. In addition, people with previous cannabis charges could have their records deleted.

“For far too long we have treated marijuana as a criminal justice issue rather than a matter of personal choice and public health,” said the then-congressman. “Whatever you think of the recreational or medicinal use of marijuana, law enforcement and federal incarceration have been both costly and biased.”

“I have long believed that criminalizing marijuana was a mistake, and the racially diverse enforcement of marijuana laws only exacerbates that mistake with grave consequences, especially for minority communities,” he added.

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Final thoughts on federal cannabis reform

In addition, key Senate members plan to propose a law to legalize it. This particular law is expected to contain similar elements of social justice.
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee Ron Wyden. Sen. Cory Booker has also been working on the bill over the past few months. Last week Wyden announced that it would be “launching very soon”.

Schumer has spoken about the bill they are working on “ensuring restorative justice and public health and implementing responsible taxes and regulations”. He also made a point in March. During that time, Schumer said it would specifically try to limit the ability of large alcohol and tobacco companies to control the industry.

Marijuana hammer

Rather, it will cherish small businesses, especially small businesses owned by people in communities hardest hit by the ban and focused on “justice, justice, justice – and freedom,” he said.

The SAFE Act, which is coming out of the house, is a bill to protect banks that serve state-legal cannabis companies. This bill is designed to protect banks from being penalized by federal regulators that were already approved at this meeting. The Chamber passed the Marijuana Banking Act three times in the last Congress. Once again the Senate abandoned the bill.