Amazing women in the cannabis industry


While weed advocates like to pretend that legalizing cannabis will solve all the ills in the world, the truth is that the burgeoning cannabis industry is already showing the cracks of various social inequalities. Regulations in most states make it nearly impossible for the economically disadvantaged to get into business, and the longstanding racial bias in enforcing drug law has kept BIPOC from thriving as a cannabis entrepreneur.

However, one of the most glaring problems with cannabis – legal or not – is the problem with women. By and large, women are excluded from cultural and commercial displays of cannabis; The stoner flick that includes a woman in the main cast, let alone in a leading role, is rare. Likewise, women are few and far between in the cannabis industry, with most makers in this area having a Y chromosome.

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean women are completely absent. In fact, there are a few women in the grass making big waves. Here are some amazing women to look out for as the cannabis industry grows:

Kayla Clements

Kayla Clements dreamed of her cannabis business while exploring some of the most breathtaking landscapes in America. After digging deep into cannabis science, Clements applied her marketing and fashion background to Luna Volta, a plant-based wellness company that makes a wide range of internal and external cannabis-infused products.

Lolita Corneagay

The beauty of diversity within an industry lies in the introduction of new ideas and opportunities. Lolita Korneagay offers a medical cannabis user perspective, and her company, Cansoom, has created a network of medical cannabis advisors to help medical cannabis users better understand the right cannabis products for them.

Jamie Evans

Jamie Evans is the founder of Herb Somm, a company that seeks to bring modest edibles to haute cuisine. Tirelessly, Evans has created all sorts of resources for those who want to learn how to make clever cannabis decisions in and out of the kitchen, and Herb Somm’s endless list of canna culinary events, books, guides, and more is not out of the cannabis industry more to imagine without community.

Mel Faxon

As a committed entrepreneur with a passion for her products, Mel Faxon founded her company b. Products as one of the few cannabis companies operating in the UK across the pond, the cannabis industry is very diverse – and Faxon is working to create opportunities for those interested in using cannabis safely, effectively and intelligently.

Sarah Mirsini

Many cannabis users feel compelled to wear masks to hide their passion for a controversial drug. This was the inspiration for MASK from Sarah Mirsini, a skin care company that uses various cannabis compounds to give users more confidence and control over their appearance. Today, Mirsini is an outspoken advocate for those suffering from skin conditions who wish to use cannabis treatments.

Melissa Parker

Reed’s Remedies is becoming one of the most prolific CBD and hemp products suppliers in the country, all thanks to its founder Melissa Parker, who is determined to build her business on values ​​such as responsibility, transparency and innovation. In just a few short years, Reed’s Remedies has expanded to five states and intends to move into a predatory market in Denver pharmacies relatively soon.

Whitney Beatty

Too many cannabis accessories are designed for the male aesthetic. Whitney Beatty’s Apothecary Case is simple and stunning, and suitable for cannabis users of all genders. Beatty believes that women in the cannabis industry are being forced into a sexualized stereotype and that sophisticated, luxury products should be available to them.

Leslie Apgar and Gina Dubbe

While a lot of attention is paid to companies in recreational cannabis states, the success of Greenhouse Wellness, a medical pharmacy owned by Leslie Apgar and Gina Dubbe, cannot be underestimated. Despite initial disapproval, thanks to the compassion and trust of its founders, Greenhouse Wellness has become a staple food for medical cannabis users in Maryland.

Liz Sprinkle

Liz Sprinkle is no stranger to impulsive decisions, but starting her CBD business Love Always was a calculated and intelligent decision for Liz. Sprinkle’s line of products is influenced by their desire to see more female cannabis product offerings that are still powerful and effective in delivering the effects that female CBD users need.