Cannabis entrepreneur Wolf of Weed Street continues to ridicule its overseas victims


He was found guilty of sending malicious digital messages, but that didn’t stop Ross Henry Smith – aka “Wolf of Weed Street” – who continues to ridicule his overseas victims. What can you do to stop him? Tony Wall reports.

The email was addressed to “Miss Piggy” and copied to the police officer responsible for his case.

Ross Henry Smith, an online serial criminal, was delighted to have evaded justice in a damaging digital communications case.

He was found guilty by a judge but moved to Thailand before he could be convicted.

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The email was addressed to one of his victims, a Tauranga attorney who represented some of the investors in Smith’s failed medical cannabis company Medicann.

At his trial in February, the Tauranga District Court heard Smith bombard the woman and others involved in Medicann with messages mocking her weight, appearance and alleged sexual preferences.

Ross Smith, the self-proclaimed Wolf of Weed St.

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Ross Smith, the self-proclaimed Wolf of Weed St.

“After all your nonsense woke up, what did it accomplish?” Wrote Smith in the last email. “Nothing. Since the conviction could not be made, the convictions are not recorded.”

To express his point of view, he enclosed a report of the Justice Department’s August convictions that did not mention the harmful affairs of digital communications.

According to the Code of Criminal Procedure, a judge cannot convict a defendant in absentia, but can only issue an arrest warrant.

Judge Peter Rollo issued four arrest warrants for Smith for failing to show up on July 29th.

Smith signed the email: “I still laugh at what you said in court and compared yourself to [my wife]. Just for your information, I am attaching a picture of my wife in a bikini here in Thailand. You could never or would look like that in your wildest dreams. “

That was on the milder end of the spectrum.

In another email sent to others, Smith brought up the woman’s neurally diverse son, named him “r …….” and added pictures of his own son, “beautiful and clever” and one “Power by nature”.

The victim says most of it is water off a duck’s back, except “when he talks about my son it’s pretty offensive, it annoys me”.

Despite being arrested, Smith said he would never return to New Zealand.

“I just don’t think they are [authorities] can do anything about it, ”says the victim. “The police suggested that I forward the email that goes straight to my junk folder so I don’t see it, but they can’t really stop him from sending the emails and he’s located in a jurisdiction where they have no control.

“If he were in Australia, there would probably be some kind of bilateral agreement in place where they could stop him.

“He went to Thailand secretly, but on the other hand he can never come back here, if he goes to the country he will go straight to jail.”

The official in charge of Smith’s case, Detective Daniel Williams of Tauranga, says, “If the accused is found, he will be arrested … and brought to justice.”

Extradition is out of the question as the maximum sentence for charges under the Harmful Digital Communications Act is only two years’ imprisonment.

“Victims were advised to block the defendant from their social media and email, and not to follow the defendant’s social media and internet activities.”

The officer in charge of Smith's case, Detective Daniel Williams of Tauranga, says:

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The official in charge of Smith’s case, Detective Daniel Williams of Tauranga, says, “If the accused is found, he will be arrested … and brought to justice.”

Smith continued to slander another of his victims on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, making false claims about his sexual preferences.

“To me, the judicial system doesn’t seem to be geared towards people like Smith at all – people who refuse to obey the law but have a good understanding of how to use legal tricks to defeat the legal system,” says the man.

“In his eyes, he can continue the abuse unchecked because it is outside of New Zealand’s jurisdiction.

“You could say he got away with it, but he cannot return to his home country without stretching in prison and waiting for a verdict to be delivered. The real test of the judicial system is actual conviction, we may never know how that turns out. “

Martin Cocker, CEO of Netsafe, says if someone attacks and abuses you online, there are “technical options” and “legal options” to deal with it.

“If this person is outside of our jurisdiction, you are limited to your technical capabilities,” says Cocker.

Netsafe CEO Martin Cocker

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Netsafe CEO Martin Cocker

He says that from a legal standpoint, “not really much can be done” about Smith, despite the fact that some platforms like Facebook and Google are acting under a New Zealand court order to remove content regardless of where the person is based.

“The conduct has been made illegal under the Harmful Digital Communications Act, so there is a legal decision there. It can only be a matter of bringing these platforms’ attention to the misbehaving accounts and allowing them to take the appropriate action.

“[Judge Rollo] said this behavior is unacceptable. If he then moves on – if he ever returns to our area of ​​responsibility, he can expect a rather unsympathetic reaction from the judge. “

Meanwhile, according to Cocker, victims can turn to Netsafe for help and advice on blocking and filtering. It is more difficult with widespread emails, he says.

Fraud and cybercrime are the least reported of all crimes, according to the Crime and Victims Survey.

“Unfortunately, there is no real technical solution to stop him from emailing false information to other people, which is probably the more harmful behavior they would be concerned about.

“Those are the loopholes in the safety net … that are still unsolved.”

Meanwhile, Smith maintains his taunts. He often sends pictures of a villa that he has renovated in Koh Samui.

“Thailand is fantastic,” he wrote in an email. “There isn’t a single kiwi on the island. In other words, no fat, ugly, bigoted xenophobes.

“We have a great home and $ 5 million in a Swiss bank account.

“I have no reason to ever return to New Zealand. So be sure to create another batch. But it’s a waste of the police’s time, effort, and money.

He said goodbye: “So f … all of you very much!”