Cannabis Reviewer Job at Local Company Offers $ 30,000 (and Free Weed)


As the U.S. pandemic gradually subsides and business resumes, many Americans are on the lookout for new jobs – sometimes taking career steps that seemed strange or alien to our brains in 2019.

“After a year of hunched over their MacBooks and zooms in between sourdough breads and peloton rides, they turn the carefully arranged chessboards of their lives and decide to risk it all,” Kevin Roose wrote recently for The New York Times. “Some quit comfortable and stable jobs to start a new business, turn a side business into a full-time gig, or eventually work on this script. Others make fun of their bosses’ return mandates and threaten to resign unless they are allowed to work wherever and whenever they want. “

If some of this sounds understandable to you, Orange County’s CBD Oracle may have the linchpin you’ve dreamed of. The company is looking for a part-time cannabis reviewer – and is offering a salary of $ 30,000 for flexible work-from-home appearance.

“Essentially, we’re giving you free weed to try. All you have to do is use that great penmanship that you have been blessed with, give an honest opinion on the free pot we are sending you and see the review posted on our website that your name is proud of is embossed ”, it says in the job description.

While being a professional writer can help, a long list of published clips is not essential. CBD Oracle will also review applications from amateur cannabis enthusiasts.

“We’re looking for someone to act as [the reader’s] loyal and trustworthy guide who will take you by the hand and guide you through the entire buying process, ”says the description.

Do you think that could be you Applications are possible until May 10th.

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