Cars allegedly shrouding police-wanted cannabis companies in Oakland


OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Armed robbers attack cannabis companies in the city of Oakland.

Oakland police over the weekend tweeted a video of suspects allegedly encasing a cannabis dispensary.

“These guys are the same guys who robbed my marijuana dispensary. The same vehicles. “

The video, released by the Oakland Police Department, shows several vehicles that investigators say disguised a cannabis business district near 48th Avenue and East 12th Street over the weekend.

“This video is the same type of car that influenced my business. The same style when starting up, driving backwards. The same vehicles. “

The owner of a neighboring marijuana dispensary saw the video and believes the same group robbed his shop in December. He describes this incident on the phone. He asked not to reveal his identity.

“It’s a mix of men and women. I can hear them talking and it’s more of an Asian, Vietnamese, Chinese group speaking in these different languages. You are heavily armed. They have bulletproof vests. You have the head covering with the walkie talkie with the mouthpiece. You have AK-47. It’s a mix of men and women in the cars. Drive 4 to 5 per car. They are looking for soft spots. They mainly target marijuana dispensers who have no security. “

“The department has taken a preventive stance by proactively distributing this video to our community,” said Officer Kim Armstead.

OPD spokesman Kim Armstead says the strategy here is to reveal these vehicles to the public in this video as a possible deterrent that the same group will return to commit a robbery at a later date.

“We saw up to 100 vehicles all over town at the same time and they really come from all over the bay,” said Armstead.

“Many of these machines have a lot of cash in these stores. That is what these groups are looking for. Then you have the other group looking for marijuana. Whatever they can get. When I talk to my friends in the same business, I mean we’re all worried. “

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact the Oakland Police Department.