Emjay is looking for a summer intern to review cannabis and cannabis accessories


Emjay, a California-based weed delivery company, is looking for a summer intern. It’s not a coffee-grabbing gig, nor is it one you could consider a traditional resume booster. However, it’s a paid position that is likely to attract a lot of applications.

The three-month internship pays a candidate $ 1,000 a month to test the company’s products. That’s all the job is about: testing products and writing reviews about them for three months. These products include flowers, oil, pens, edibles, topicals, and other cannabis products, according to the company.

The position is not to be filled full-time and does not include any additional services. It’s a decent amount of work too. It takes a lot of writing. Emjay would like to prepare many of its more than 600 products for its website over the course of the summer. Nonetheless, if you’re 21 and live in California, it might still be tempting because, in addition to the $ 1,000 a month, you get products to try for free. A rep tells Thrillist these samples run to “thousands of dollars in free weed, edibles, oil” and other products.

To apply, Emjay looks for a résumé and a one-page writing sample or a video that is shorter than four minutes and 20 seconds. These can be sent to Praktika@heyemjay.com. The temporary appearance is similar to others that have been offered as more states open up access to recreational grass.