Fluence is expanding its presence in the burgeoning Israeli cannabis industry and supporting multiple growers through the REMY partnership


Fluence’s innovative LED lighting solutions ensure that Springs Valley Cannabis and UNIVO Pharmaceuticals achieve optimal growth conditions along the cultivation value chain in one of the world’s leading markets for medicinal cannabis

Fluence by OSRAM announced implementations at two major cannabis growers in Israel, Springs Valley Cannabis and UNIVO, through Fluence’s ongoing partnership with REMY, a leading provider of horticultural lighting for the country’s growing agriculture. Photo courtesy of Fluence by OSRAM

AUSTIN, Texas & ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Fluence by OSRAM (Fluence), a leading global provider of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial cannabis and food production, today announced its implementation with two major cannabis growers. known to Israel, Springs Valley Cannabis LTD and UNIVO Pharmaceuticals (UNIVO) through Fluence’s ongoing partnership with REMY LTD (REMY), a leading Israel-based provider of garden lighting to the country’s growing agricultural industry.

After medical cannabis was legalized in 1993, the Israeli cannabis industry flourished through in-depth research into efficient production and cultivation processes. With nearly 30 breeders actively producing medical cannabis and dozens in the planning stage, Israel is poised to meet and exceed the demand of an estimated 100,000 medical cannabis users across the country. While legislation to legalize recreational cannabis use is being assessed, experts predict the industry will maintain its exponential growth trajectory.

“The rapid growth of the medical cannabis industry in Israel is a clear indicator of the potential of the recreational market,” said Timo Bongartz, general manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Fluence. “To keep up the pace of the industry, growers need to examine and invest in highly efficient production methods that deliver consistent, high quality cannabis products. The lighting plays one of the most important roles in this production process. “

Optimal lighting strategies for every phase of the cultivation value chain

Whether it’s seed and variety breeding, cloning and growing plants or the final cultivation of dense and full buds, every phase of the cannabis value chain requires optimized, curated lighting conditions. In addition to providing the industry-leading LED lighting solutions, Fluence also provides evidence-based best practices to identify, implement and maintain the optimal lighting strategy at every stage of cannabis growth. Fluence’s research-based growing methods, supported by his team of horticultural specialists, enable cannabis growers to achieve high quality, consistent harvests while saving heating, ventilation and air conditioning costs.

REMY reflects the culture philosophy and approach of Fluence. Through their partnership, Fluence and REMY serve the most innovative breeders in Israel. Springs Valley Cannabis, based in northern Israel, relies on Fluence LED technology in its large-scale, high-end indoor grow facility to ensure excellent cannabis bloom in the company’s first grow environment.

“Lighting has been a huge factor in the success of our high-end indoor farm,” said Yair Shaked, CEO of Springs Valley Cannabis. “We were looking for a lighting partner who would support us and offer long-term added value – that’s why we decided to work with REMY and Fluence.”

UNIVO, a vertically integrated medical cannabis company that covers all aspects of growing, manufacturing and distribution, uses Fluence’s solutions at different stages of the growth cycle, including nurseries, vegetative, flowering, mother plants and research and development, in which UNIVO Cannabis clones and grows plants.

“Amit Farm by UNIVO is one of the most advanced and technologically advanced farms in the Israeli cannabis industry, and after carefully researching the market, we decided to partner with Fluence to achieve the very best in premium cannabis flowers,” added Golan Bitton, CEO of UNIVO , add.

Continuous investment in new knowledge

“In the midst of Israel’s prestigious, dynamic, high-tech industry, Fluence’s LED lighting technology is considered to be truly innovative. To maintain this position, we continuously invest in new knowledge and develop new techniques to best serve the world’s growers.” added Bongartz.

Fluence works closely with leading research institutions such as Wageningen University & Research to uncover new growing strategies and examine the influence of different light spectra on cannabis growth and development. Fluence’s collaborative research knowledge informs about product innovations and provides farmers with effective best practices for optimizing crop growth.

“The work doesn’t stop when the lights are installed,” says Jörg Meyer-Brenken, Fluence Lead Account Manager for cannabis in EMEA. “On the contrary, then it starts and this is where the Fluence and REMY teams create exceptional added value. REMY is a real, reliable partner. Your team combines well-founded lighting knowledge with years of experience in Israeli agriculture and horticulture, which makes REMY an ideal partner to give us an outstanding position in this fast-growing market. “

“The end result for the cultivator is an agronomic lighting fixture, but years of research and practical knowledge drive the path to optimal lighting strategy,” said Elad Toby, Founder, CTO and Chief Business Development Officer of REMY. “There is a great opportunity to bring Fluence’s groundbreaking knowledge to the Israeli medical cannabis market.”

About Fluence from OSRAM

Fluence Bioengineering, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of OSRAM, develops high-performance, energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial crop production and research applications. Fluence is a leading LED lighting provider in the global cannabis market, committed to enabling more efficient crop production with the world’s leading vertical farms and greenhouse producers. Fluence’s global headquarters are located in Austin, Texas with its EMEA headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. You can find more information about Fluence at https://fluence.science.

About REMY

REMY 108 LTD was founded in 2008 and specializes in the planning, installation, monitoring and quality assurance of large-area lighting solutions as well as after-sales service and support for commercial plant and food cultivation in Israel and beyond. REMY has been offering its customers agronomic lighting since 2011 and has been the company’s main focus since 2018. As an authorized reseller of Fluence LED lighting solutions, it now also offers agronomic lighting training in its showroom and headquarters in Yanuv. You can find more information about REMY at https://www.remy.co.il/en/grow.

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