Glen Rock introduces regulation to ban recreational cannabis sales within the borders


GLEN ROCK, NJ – The Borough Council has passed an ordinance banning any type of recreational marijuana business from operating within its borders.

“We don’t want to act in the dark,” said Mayor Kristine Morieko on June 9th.

Morieko was referring to the progress made by the state of New Jersey in regulating the national sale of recreational marijuana. While recreational marijuana use has been approved by the public voting and the governor has signed the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Act, realistically, marijuana in this category won’t go on sale until 2022.

Morieko presented several slides of evidence (see photos).

The ordinance bans six market classes of licensed recreational marijuana businesses for the following reason: “Given the current uncertainties about the potential future impact that licensing one or more classes of cannabis businesses could have on the New Jersey communities … Glen Rock in particular It is in Glen Rock’s best interest to change the zoning rules to ban all types of marijuana-related land use and development within the county’s geographic boundaries. “

The public hearing and possible adoption of the regulation is scheduled for late July, when face-to-face meetings are likely to take place.