It’s Green Wednesday, the second biggest day of the year in cannabis retail


It’s Green Wednesday in the cannabis industry – that means you’re looking for sales.

Green Wednesday is going to be a thing. Cannabis retailers expect their second biggest shopping day of the year to be today, November 24th, the day before Thanksgiving, not after. The biggest day is of course April 20th.

“In anticipation of these strong increases in sales and traffic, pharmacies and retailers should prepare their staff and promotions accordingly.” says James Ahrendt, Business Intelligence Architect at Akerna. “Whether people turn to cannabis for relaxation, togetherness, or other reasons, consumers have made it clear that cannabis is a part of Thanksgiving preparation.”

the Software company forecasts Sale of $ 251 million legal cannabis products during the four-day holiday November 24-27, “an increase of 60% over average daily sales”, with $ 90 million On Green Wednesday alone, “an increase of 78% compared to the daily average.”

Thanksgiving Day will be quiet for sales (just $ 4.6 million, Akerna predicts), but business will pick up again on Friday ($ 88 million) and Saturday ($ 68.4 million).

More Akerna Green Wednesday Statistics

Category sale:

Flower – 48%

Cartridge / pens – 32%

Concentrates – 10%

Infused edibles – 9%

Other – 1%

Average order amount:

Adult Use – $ 81.20

Medicine – $ 127.30

Sales by demographics:

62% male

38% female

Sale by age group:

Under 30 – 28%

30-40 -31%

40-50 – 20%

50-60 -12%

Over 60 – 9%

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