Lompoc residents are voting on increasing the cannabis tax during the recall election


LOMPOC, California – With polls nearing completion, voters in Lompoc are deciding whether to raise cannabis taxes.

The city said Measure Q would raise taxes on the manufacture and distribution of marijuana if approved.

It would also make various changes to cannabis tax rules.

The mayor of Lompoc said the increase would bring the city around $ 1.2 million annually.

Lompoc’s leaders would use that money on parks, roads, police and firefighters, and more.

A manager at Elevate Lompoc cannabis store said he would support the city no matter what voters decide.

“We know the cannabis industry is taxed quite heavily,” said Tory Dapello, manager of Elevate Lompoc. “It is not easy to survive with a lot of taxes. but at the same time we are here to achieve the best for the community. “

Currently, cannabis stores making less than $ 2 million pay a fee of $ 15,000.

Any cannabis company with sales over $ 2 million pays a flat fee of $ 30,000.

The polling stations stay open until 8 p.m.

To view the results, click here.