Moldy cannabis gums, mislabeled pre-rolls that have been recalled in Canada


Regulated Canadian cannabis products that were recalled in February include potentially moldy THC-infused foods, as well as two distinct cases of pre-rolled joints with improperly cannabinoid labeling.

The food recall affects a lot of strawberry-flavored THC Kiss gummies made by BC BioMed, of which 1,263 units were sold at a Saskatchewan marijuana retailer direct to medical cannabis customers between December and February.

“The affected product may contain mold,” said a February 10 recall notice released by Canadian cannabis regulatory agency Health Canada.

THC BioMed received four complaints about the recalled lot, according to Health Canada, but no reports of side effects.

The recall comes shortly after another mold-related cannabis gum recall in late January that affects more than 330,000 units produced by TerrAscend Canada.

Two other recalls in February concerned mislabeling of cannabinoid content, a relatively common cause of cannabis product recalls in Canada.

A February 5th recall notice from Health Canada for a batch of Spinach-branded pre-rolled “dancehall” compounds from Peace Naturals Project affected 792 units sold in Quebec between January and early February.

Peace Naturals is a subsidiary of the Cronos Group.

“Some products in this lot were labeled incorrectly,” the announcement said.

“The affected products have labeled cannabinoid levels that are lower than the actual cannabinoid levels.”

The total THC and CBD levels reported on product labels were approximately 10% of their actual levels, according to Health Canada.

No complaints or reports of side effects were received.

In a February 23 notice from Health Canada, 1,980 units of QWEST branded pre-rolled pineapple cake were recalled from We Grow BC.

The pre-rolls were sold between January and February and distributed by the Ontario Cannabis Store, which first published the recall on February 16.

Like the recalled Cronos pre-rolls, the recalled We Grow BC products had incorrect cannabinoid levels on the labels, even though the discrepancy was small.

They incorrectly reported total THC as 276.5 milligrams per gram instead of the actual value of 277.5 milligrams per gram.

The manufacturer or Health Canada received no complaints or reports of side effects.

Other Canadian cannabis recalls in 2021 were moldy marijuana buds and melting all-in-one vape pens.