Mother of epileptic child sets up medical cannabis pediatric organization


Brittany Warrior tries to be a beacon of hope for parents who feel like there is nothing left for their children.

“We want them to know that they are not alone,” said Warrior.

Your message is one of sympathy and understanding. The mother of Checotah, Oklahoma, first noticed something was wrong with her daughter Jaqie when she was five months old.

“One day she had these strange little seizures out of nowhere,” Warrior said.

A doctor diagnosed Warrior’s baby as having “a rare and potentially life-threatening form of epilepsy.” Soon the small seizures began to add up, and Warrior said Jaqie had convulsions 200 to 300 times a day.

“It was so hard to watch my baby suffer,” said Warrior. “She was so catatonic that she didn’t cry, she stopped holding her head up … she was literally just trapped in herself.”

According to Warrior, the doctors prescribed all the medications they could for 15 months, but none of them stopped the tremors.

“We ran out of medicine to try,” she said.

Or so she thought. As a final attempt, a neurologist in Tulsa suggested a less conventional form of treatment – one not yet legal in Oklahoma.

“We can try cannabis in Colorado if you want,” Warrior told her.

She drove her daughter to Centennial State for cannabis oil, and two weeks later, Jaqi’s health improved many times over. After medical marijuana was legalized in Oklahoma in 2018, Warrior was able to access her daughter’s medication without driving eight hours. But finding the right strain for Jaqie wasn’t easy.

“There were no pediatric cannabis advisors, no one to really turn to. No resources, ”she said.

After countless phone calls and cries for help, Warrior said that Jaqie is doing a cannabis treatment in Oklahoma that works, but she is looking for a better option.

Warrior launched CannaWarriors Helping Hands in January. The nonprofit helps parents manage medical cannabis costs and connects them with pediatric counselors.

“We helped 27 children,” she said. “And we would like to help a lot more.”

CannaWarriors partners with Jiffy Doctor, a medical cannabis referral service that helps with the provision of medicines for children. Details on the service’s grand opening this weekend can be found on its Facebook page.

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