North Brunswick councilors support two cannabis facility companies


NORTH BRUNSWICK – Members of North Brunswick Township Council have passed resolutions supporting a cannabis retail facility and cannabis cultivation facility’s application to the state to become licensed marijuana businesses.

On January 10, Council members passed a resolution in support of the Jersey Garden Greens operating a Class 5 retail license and cannabis retail facility for adult use; and a resolution supporting Cedar Fairmont Health Cultivators for a Class 1 Cultivator License to operate a micro-enterprise growing cannabis for adults.

“It is our policy to accept any request to support a state application from an organization that has properly formed an LLC under state regulations and otherwise defers to the state process for screening,” said Michael Hritz, director of the North Brunswick Department of community development said during the meeting.

Hritz said the council’s decisions support the companies but do not ensure an obligation.

He went on to say that the state will receive hundreds of applications, and he explained that if state officials approve and license one or both companies for North Brunswick, one or more companies must go before the planning board to receive the land use permit.

Councilor Ralph Andrews said this process was established so that the state would not approve an LLC just for a municipality to deny an application.

In 2021, state legislatures approved the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Act after New Jersey voters approved a 2020 constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana.

In northern Brunswick there were 11,307 yes votes to 5,914 no votes on the legalization question.

The law established six market classes of licensed marijuana businesses in New Jersey.

On July 26, 2021, the Parish Council unanimously approved all six classes.

• Class 1 – Cannabis Grower’s License for establishments that grow and cultivate cannabis;

• Class 2 – Cannabis Manufacturing License for facilities involved in the manufacture, preparation and packaging of cannabis products;

• Class 3 – Cannabis Wholesale License, for entities involved in the procurement and sale of cannabis items for subsequent resale by other licensees;

• Class 4 – Cannabis Distribution License for businesses involved in the transportation of cannabis plants in bulk from one licensed grower to another licensed grower or bulk cannabis items from any type of licensed cannabis business to another;

• Class 5 – Cannabis Dealer License for locations selling cannabis items and related supplies to consumers;

• Class 6 – Cannabis Delivery License for businesses that provide courier services for consumer purchases performed by a licensed cannabis retailer to deliver the purchased items to a consumer; The service would include the ability for a consumer to make a purchase directly through the cannabis delivery service, which would be presented by the delivery service for fulfillment by a retailer and then delivered to a consumer.

In November 2021, Council members passed an ordinance establishing in part the CAN-R1C Cannabis Route 1 Corridor Overlay Zone, allowing retail sales and delivery of cannabis products on Route 1 at any commercial mall or mixed-use area having more than 25,000 square feet Retail/commercial space and offers direct access from Route 1.

The ordinance also establishes the CAN-JA Cannabis Jersey Avenue Overlay Zone, which allows all classes except retail in the industrial areas of the Jersey Avenue corridor in warehouses greater than 35,000 square feet with no more than 5% of the area of Building within 250 feet of a residential area or unless separated by the Northeast Corridor rail line.

Both overburden zones prohibit the location of such facilities within 500 feet of a school, house of worship, park or playground.

Community attorney Ronald Gordon said North Brunswick allows two license holders per approved cannabis license, as long as license holders comply with state regulations.

There must also be “location control” in order for a company’s location to comply with North Brunswick zoning restrictions.

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