Recreational cannabis business licenses remain pending while legal disputes continue. One group claims it was mistakenly kept out of the lottery. | Government and politics


However, Emerald Coast filed a document in court that appears to contain information about his veteran ownership status. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, which oversees the pharmacy licensing process, is investigating whether this information is sufficient to prove veteran possession and therefore get a perfect score to qualify for the lotteries.

In the first lottery on July 29th, ReNu and Emerald Coast won the cannabis company chance while JG’s score was too low to qualify. But all three companies claim that they should have gotten perfect results and entered all the lotteries.

The attorney general also found that statewide courts have dismissed a multitude of lawsuits related to cannabis because the plant remains illegal under federal law.

Any applicant can apply for a review in a state court after the state’s approval process is complete, they argued, but not while it is still in progress.

There are likely to be other lawsuits challenging the licensing process, as has happened in other states.

A lawsuit filed by Sozo Illinois Inc. was dropped last month after Black and Latino claimants alleged that doing so would only further delay licensing.

When asked for a comment, Charity Greene, a spokeswoman for Governor JB Pritzker, did not respond to the question of whether applicants were falsely excluded from the lotteries, but wrote: “IDFPR strives to enable a fair and equitable licensing process for all entitled” . Participant. While we can’t comment on active litigation, the department will continue to work towards a legal cannabis industry that will fix the damage of the past and create opportunities for all Illinois people. “