Selectmen’s Thorndike Board is waiting for information before the cannabis business moves forward


Selectmen’s Thorndike board meets Wednesday Zoom’s screenshot.

THORNDIKE – With a commercial cannabis dealer planning to expand into central Maine, Thorndike’s three-person board of directors said they could not yet approve the project and submit it to the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy.

Nova Farms, a commercial marijuana producer, believes it has signed a purchase agreement for farmland. Selectmen’s Thorndike board said in a meeting Wednesday night that they are waiting for permission to move forward.

“We need to have a meeting between the Nova Farms and ourselves,” said second selectman Jeff Trafton. “They will evolve, the permits will be given, and then we can sign ‘yes’ on the form.”

Thorndike residents voted 50-34 at a special meeting in town last Saturday against a six-month moratorium on new marijuana stores. Thorndike residents voted 34 to 25 votes to pass state adult marijuana consumption policies at the annual general meeting on August 20, 2020.

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  • According to the source, Selectmen’s Thorndike board is waiting for information before moving the cannabis business forward
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