Suggested Rules: Nurses and staff can administer medicinal cannabis to public K-12 students


South Dakota K to 12 students, as well as adults, can get medical approval to use cannabis for illness. And they may need to take the drug at regular intervals throughout the day or when they have unpredictable symptoms.

Students should be able to attend to these medical needs in school, the Board of Education Standards unanimously agreed during a Friday meeting to revise the rules on medical cannabis.

But students will not be able to own or use the drug on their own. Instead, schools must allow approved caregivers to administer cannabis to the student.

“The designated caregiver must not administer the medical cannabis in a way that disrupts the educational environment or brings other students into contact,” the rules say.

School districts can choose, but are not required to, store student cannabis in the school. Individual school employees also have a choice.

“School staff can voluntarily store and dispense medical cannabis in a non-smoking form to any student ID holder. Nothing in this section requires school staff to administer medicinal cannabis, ”the rules say.

If these guidelines are approved, younger students will have more access to medicinal cannabis in school than older college students. The Board of Regents says the drug is not allowed on campus or other college campuses.

K-12 schools are still allowed to restrict the storage and use of medicinal cannabis that must be consumed by means other than smoking.

“Such guidelines can also set parameters for student participation in school-sponsored activities or educational assignments that place the student or others in an unsafe environment or potentially cause disruption,” the rules say.

The Legislature’s Provisional Rules Review Committee will decide whether to approve the K-12 rules during a July 19 meeting in Pierre.