These ebony leaf smoking papers are a sleek model for modern cannabis


The couple knew they wanted some kind of special, all-natural, luxurious pre-roll, “similar to an old bottle of scotch you would share with family and friends”. They examined a few other leaf varieties, but nothing compared to the smooth, even burn of the ebony leaf they tried in 2013. If you’ve ever smoked a joint in your life, you know the benefit of slow burning. It gives you time to catch your breath and enjoy the high without wasting half the joint between inhalations, and fewer flowers will go into thin air when led around a smoking circle. Ebony sheets have a consistency between traditional roll papers and a traditional blunt wrap with more thickness but without the tobacco or newspaper flavored harshness. You don’t even need a sales pitch – these are very popular rolling stock in other countries. The Canadian / US markets are late for the party.

“We actually have a team of dedicated cigarette rolls in India that work exclusively for HGC. We are very proud of that, ”explains Freeman. “By working with our Indian partner, we were able to develop a local home industry in a rural part of India where there are very few opportunities, especially for women. This way our 85% female team of master rollers can stay in their villages, have families and make a living. ”

Although HGC’s pre-rolls are inspired by overseas customs, they offer an exciting new twist on the classic smoking method known to westerners. As much as the vape and edible markets grow – and despite the attention paid to these spaces – the flower remains the dominant category in the cannabis business, and there remains plenty of room for brands to get creative with flower-oriented smoking rituals. Glass and steam gadgets can get as complex and impressive as they like – there’s always a special place to roll one up, alone or with friends. This flower girl hopes there will always be something.