Use Cannabis In Trade Talks Says Senator (Newsletter: May 21, 2021)


MN Legalizes Smokable Marijuana Flower; LA Poll: Conservative Districts Support Legalization; Debate over peyote decrim; Special MS session on cannabis

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Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) signed a law on medical cannabis.

  • “This is certainly a sensitive and emotional issue that is under constant investigation.”

Minnesota legislature sent Governor Tim Walz (D) a health bill that includes provisions to add smokable flowers and otherwise expand the state’s medical cannabis program.

Legislators in Mississippi have the idea of ​​holding a special session to pass the medical marijuana law after the state’s Supreme Court put down the voter-approved cannabis program on procedural grounds.

Voters in Conservative boroughs of Louisiana That endorsed Donald Trump in last year’s election and overwhelmingly supported the legalization of marijuana. This shows a new poll as the House prepares to pass a legal cannabis bill on Tuesday. The poll was funded by the Koch-Backed Americans For Wealth.

A Debate within the psychedelics movement The question of whether to include peyote in decriminalization efforts is compounded by concerns about overharvesting and Native American culture.


The Federal Trade Commission has taken action against Kushly Industries LLC for allegedly making false or unsupported claims about their CBD products.

Deputy Don Bacon (R-NE) said he thinks marijuana policy should be left to the electorate and he will respect their choice, also noting that Schedule I cannabis status has hampered research.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D) tweeted about a new Washington state law recriminalizing drug possession as an offense, saying, “This is a big step. The failed war on drugs was a racist and flawed policy nationwide. Sending someone to jail is not the way to treat addiction or substance use disorders. “

MP Angie Craig (D-MN) tweeted: “The GOP Senate failed our state by refusing to pass cannabis and adult expulsion before leaving for the year. Minnesotans affected by outdated drug laws – and entrepreneurs willing to start new businesses – were abandoned. “

Rep. Dave Joyce (R-OH) tweeted, “I’m glad @RepPerlmutter, a leader in efforts to end cannabis bans, is co-founder of my common sense cannabis reform for veterinarians, small businesses and health professionals. This is a bipartisan way to carry out meaningful cannabis reform. Congress should take it. “

Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI) tweeted about an upcoming event to help people erase their past marijuana and other beliefs.


The Colorado The appeals court ruled that lawmakers wrongly imposed further restrictions on marijuana cultivation beyond what the constitutional text allows. Separately, Regulators Prohibited Delta-8-THC and other isomers from hemp extracts. Meanwhile it is House Business Affairs & Labor Committee Approved a bill to expand online marijuana purchases and the ability to receive medical cannabis recommendations through telemedicine.

Nevada Regulators issued advertising guides for marijuana companies.

California Regulators have issued a search warrant for an unlicensed marijuana dispensary in San Bernardino.

The South Dakota The rules for medical cannabis use in schools as approved by the Board of Education Standards.

Maryland Regulators issued guidelines on pledging a medical cannabis license as collateral on a loan.

The Indiana According to the state chemical agency, about 20% of the state’s hemp crop was destroyed due to too much THC last year.

New Mexico The Cannabis Control Division is hiring a variety of positions, including a director.

new York Regulators have released several new fact sheets on the state’s marijuana legalization law.

West Virginia Regulators published a list of hemp licensees.

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City officials in Long Island, New York have met to formulate plans on how to decide whether to allow marijuana sales.

Detroit, Michigan The mayor sent a letter asking Congress to pass the marijuana banking law.


Nigeria The House of Representatives is trying to legalize medical cannabis and hemp.

Malta Prime Minister Robert Abela criticized the opposition party for not providing feedback on the government’s marijuana plan.

A Kenyans The court is being asked about Rastafarians’ use of marijuana.


One study found that “people with Fibromyalgia intentionally replacing conventional pain relievers with CBD products. “

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A survey found that 54% of Irish adults want to legalize medical cannabis, while 39% also support recreational use.

The Alabama Democratic Party tweeted: “Alabama will be the 37th state to legalize medical marijuana. 🩺🍃This is a huge step forward for cannabis policy in Alabama. Let’s next session #legALzeit. ”


Rite Aid’s CEO talked about introducing CBD products in its stores, however dodged a question about psychedelics.

Columbia Care Inc. Reported total quarterly sales of $ 92.5 million.

The parent company reported quarterly net sales of $ 39.9 million. The company also makes $ 50 million strategic investment in GH Group, Inc. through a private placement offer from Mercer Park Brand Acquisition Corp.

Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. acquires Los Sueños Farms, the largest outdoor cannabis grower in Colorado.

HEXO Corp. acquires 48North Cannabis Corp.

MedMen Enterprises Inc. completed a sale of shares valued at $ 10 million.

Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc. launched a $ 200 million senior debt offering.

The Swiss National Bank owns shares in Tilray, Inc.


Master P. urges May 20th to be declared Cannabis Freedom Day.

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