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[PRESS RELEASE] Tropizen announced on September 1 that it had completed its first commercial cannabis harvest, grown in its recently added 10,000 square foot outdoor grow facilities. The new crop, destined for both flower sales and infused medicine manufacturing, comes as patient demand for cannabis flowers in Puerto Rico continues to outpace available market supply.

“This harvest is an important milestone for our company as we continue to expand to meet patient demand for quality flowers,” said Marni Meistrell, co-founder of Tropizen. “We grow cannabis near the base of the El Yunque tropical rainforest, following cultivation best practices as we conduct research and test new strains that thrive in the location.”

According to Meistrell, a further 7,000 square meters of outdoor cultivation will be added before the end of the year. Tropizen recently expanded its cannabis flower production to 400% of original capacity and made an investment of over $ 1 million. The expansion project included the construction of the new open space extension.

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The new crop consists of five of the company’s top performing varieties. Tropizen is switching 50 primary strains with 5 secondary strains including Brian Berry Cough, Ogiesel and Agent Orange, all exclusive to Tropizen in Puerto Rico. One of the company’s future priorities is the harvesting of rare tropical varieties as part of its ongoing research and development process.

According to Meistrell, the company is working on introducing a new packaging and sorting system for its cannabis flower that includes a new pre-packaged medium-sized flower product that is more affordable to patients while offering the same effectiveness as the premium flower.

Tropizen was the first cannabis grower on the island to offer pharmacies individually wrapped flowers instead of bulk cannabis packages. The former enables higher sales volumes for pharmacies. In addition, patients receive a fresher product as the packaging protects the delicate cannabis flower from the effects of degrading environmental conditions such as oxygen and moisture. Currently, prepackaged flower accounts for approximately 20% of the company’s sales to pharmacies.

With lab-tested cannabinoid concentrations of over 20% (and up to 30%), Tropizen offers product consistency, exceptional plant genetics and attention to detail, according to Christian Burgos, Director of Operations at Novacann Labs. “Usually we see that quality suffers when production volume increases. However, this was not our experience with Tropizen. The results of their harvest prove the strict observance and consistent quality control, ”explained Burgos.

As part of its growing protocol, Tropizen utilizes living soil with beneficial insects in its outdoor growing facilities and organic processes. An outside entomologist acts as a technical advisor and carries out weekly inspections of the plants. In addition, no chemical pesticides are used.

Meistrell noted that there was a shortage of cannabis flowers in Puerto Rico this summer. “Pharmacies are constantly running out of products, even though our volume has increased. We seem to be approaching a worrying scenario in which patients find it harder to get their drugs, which drives up prices. “Patient growth may be a factor, but official figures have not yet been released this year.