Why medical cannabis isn’t for sale in Gladstone


Low-dose cannabidiol (CBD) will be available over the counter in pharmacies across Australia this week, but the controversial drug won’t be available in Gladstone.

This Monday, Australians can buy low prescription CBD over the counter without a prescription.

Last December, the Australian Department of Health Therapeutics (TGA) downgraded certain low-dose cannabidiol drugs from Schedule 4 (prescription drugs) to Schedule 3 (drugs only for pharmacists).

Residents can purchase a maximum of 150 mg / day for use in adults without a prescription from a pharmacist without a prescription.

Over-the-counter CBD products include low-dose oral, oral mucosal and sublingual formulations.

Vaping and topical products are only available by prescription.

However, no products approved by the TGA are currently available for sale because they do not meet the criteria of the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) according to Appendix 3.

A number of pharmacists The Observer spoke to in Gladstone, Tannum Sands and Boyne Island said the drug was not available over the counter from chemists without TGA approval.

The decision to allow over-the-counter availability of the drug was made after an earlier TGA safety review of low-dose CBD which found that the known effects of CBD at low doses were not severe.

Cannabis Doctors Australia (CDA Clinics) said that CBD has received tremendous attention in the healthcare sector and has become an essential part of medical marijuana therapy.

“Clinical research has shown that low-dose CBD can reduce a wide variety of problems including anxiety, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and chronic refractory pain,” said a spokesman for CDA Clinics.

“With its broad therapeutic window, low-dose CBD has been shown to have benefits in both pediatric and adult patients.”