Woodstock welcomes the first cannabis dispensary – more are in the pipeline


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Woodstock’s location is the second store after having opened one in Brantford while a third – also in Brantford – is in the works.

Based on an arrest record resulting from her work in the cannabis industry prior to legalization, Guerra said she was not allowed to own a pharmacy but that much of her family, including her husband and father-in-law, had a stake in Woodstock cannabis. In addition to managing Woodstock cannabis, Guerra works as a consultant to other cannabis licensees opening retail locations.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the store is only open for roadside collection right now, but Woodstock Cannabis hopes to greet customers in the space that Guerra describes as bright and colorful in keeping with the Woodstock Festival theme, with pictures of its iconic headliners on the walls.

Guerra said they had been working on opening the Woodstock store since legalization. While the pandemic has been difficult for many local businesses, Guerra said cannabis is fairly “COVID safe”.

“Cannabis is similar to alcohol … (in that) it’s an industry that is COVID and recession-proof. It seems to be going well and I count my blessings every day if we can do this at times like this. “

She said they are focused on supporting local products wherever possible, buying many of their devices from local stores, and stocking Ontario cannabis products.

And while this is Woodstock’s first cannabis store, it won’t be the last. Another cannabis dispensary, Dundas Cannabis, opened on the street just a week later.