Wyoming supporters launch medical cannabis voting initiative


The Wyoming Secretary of State has certified sponsor signatures for a medical cannabis initiative so the campaign can begin the process of issuing ballots for 2022, reports Fox13. Backers only needed 100 sponsor signatures, but provided 250.

The initiative is backed by the state’s Libertarian Party, which can now begin collecting signatures from the state’s registered voters. The campaign needs a total of 41,776 signatures to present the topic to the voters. The initiative would legalize medical cannabis, and another, circulated by advocates, would decriminalize cannabis for personal use in Wyoming.

The medical cannabis initiative also allows patients to grow their own.

The Libertarian Party’s campaign is backed by cannabis legalization advocacy group, Together for Responsible Use and Cannabis Education (TRUCE), whose President and Founder Christine Stenquist said she “is excited to begin the process of collecting signatures for everyone has a voice in Wyoming ”. . “

“The Wyoming advocates behind this effort have worked very hard to design initiatives that work for the people of Wyoming.” – Stenquist in a statement on Fox13

The campaign for the voting initiative comes from the fact that state legislators have not yet passed a law on medical cannabis. Stenquist said she will “not leave it to the legislature” as the group did in her home state of Utah. She added that the fight in Wyoming would not be “the same fight” as in Utah, and noted the firm opposition of the Church of Latter-day Saints to the reforms.

A 2016 election initiative in Wyoming was rejected by law enforcement and the Wyoming Medical Association.

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