Zana Medical is fighting cannabis and insomnia with a binge-ready podcast


I have to admit: I’m not just a Netflix binge watcher, I honestly am also a binge podcast listener. My last obsession was “S-Town,” an investigative journalism podcast created by the producers of “Serial” and “This American Life”. Incredibly, “S-Town” was downloaded 10 million times in four days. That’s a lot of downloads. And a record!

When it comes to cannabis, there are a lot of great podcasts out there:Cannabis confidential with Dr. Dina” and “Good news with Sister Heather“To”The marijuana agenda with Russ Belville. There’s even a podcast network – Cannabis radio – Dedicated solely to providing great voices to the public regarding cannabis.

(For the uninitiated, a podcast is a digital audio production – much like a radio broadcast – to be consumed on your mobile device. Popular networks like iTunes, Stitcher, and Spreaker host thousands of different podcasts on virtually any topic.)

Zana Medical’s HealthLab combines high production values ​​with compelling storytelling

What we haven’t had in the world of cannabis is a podcast that follows in the footsteps of shows like “Startup” and “This American Life,” which interweave personal stories with curious and insightful commentary. That shouldn’t come as a surprise – producing these shows is not an easy task. It took producer and investigative reporter Brian Reed (and a large production team) almost three years to bring us up. “Suburban town! ”

Well, the ganja gods must have listened. And we now have a cannabis-centric podcast that would feel right at home on NPR. Zana Medical’s Zana HealthLab “Eyes Wide Open Podcast, a podcast about cannabis and insomnia”Combines basic knowledge of the clinical side of cannabis, interviews with recognized experts with compelling personal stories from patients.

What I like most about the Zana HealthLab podcast – aside from the high production values ​​and original music – is the dynamic between hosts Seth Lorinczi and Jeremy Kossen. Seth has an airy, informal style that gives us an insight into cannabis from a layperson’s point of view. Zana Medical’s science writer and director of research, Jeremy Kossen, provides the basic knowledge that breaks down science.

Seth never lets Jeremy get too nerdy and keeps the podcast from delving too deep into the intricacies of our endocannabinoid system. The duo have great chemistry; and keep the show going so fast (45 minutes per episode average) that by the end of each episode I was more than ready to skip straight to the next episode!

Zana HealthLabs “Eyes Wide Open: A Podcast About Cannabis and Insomnia” covers the first season. An episodic series that spans five episodes. Episodes two through four focus on specific cohorts – women, veterans, and seniors. The first episode prepares for the season by sharing a basic understanding of clinical cannabis with interviews from top researchers such as Harvard-trained Nick Jikomes, Ph.D., Leafly’s head of cannabis science, and Dr. Kimberly Babson, who has written numerous scientific papers on insomnia and insomnia, promotes cannabis.

One of the most interesting episodes – S01E03 Cannabis, Veterans, and Insomnia – shows Roger Martin. Martin appears to be an unlikely candidate for clinical cannabis. Martin, an army veteran and retired police officer, admits he was reluctant to try cannabis. But after years of being treated by his doctors with a brutal cocktail of prescription drugs from Ambien to OxyContin, he had had enough. But his first foray into cannabis was far from seamless. I’m not going to drop a spoiler on you, but his story is both funny and heartwarming.

An episodic series

Co-host Jeremy Kossen describes her goal of producing a podcast exploring the clinical side of cannabis:

“Medical marijuana, now legal in 28 states, Washington DC and Canada, is home to over 230 million people in North America in states or provinces where cannabis is legal,” said Jeremy Kossen, co-host of Zana HealthLab. “Our goal for the Zana HealthLab is to provide a critical and objective view of cannabis as a potential treatment option. Our goal is to enable patients to make informed decisions about their health with a broad cross-section of patients, doctors, and scientists. “

You can subscribe to the podcast on your preferred network. iTunes, Stitcher, or Spreaker. Or listen to them HealthLab Radio from Zana Medical::

Zana HealthLab’s “Eyes Wide Open, a Podcast on Cannabis and Insomnia” was produced by Medical equipment, an online clinical cannabis counseling company that provides personalized cannabis treatments by combining advanced counseling and assessment tools with the support of experienced clinicians and trainers.